DRM Design Build, Inc.
DRM Design Build Inc.


Customer Testimonials

Cathy and Tom

"We feel very lucky to be working with such a talented, caring architect/builder... The results are just wonderful and your crew is terrific."

Wendy and Jody Ferrelli

"Thanks for doing a beautiful job on our new addition and for the consideration of your and your staff during construction."

Ginnie and Steve

"I'd like to think we have some idea of all the hard work and special care you put into our house. We put our complete trust in you and that proved to be one of the best decisions we've ever made. Please know how thrilled we are and will continue to be for many years to come."

Susan Gore and Ryan Burdeno, Wellesley Hills, MA

“The personal time savings earned from the [design-build] process is priceless.”

Kathy Silverman, Weston, MA

“He was there once or twice a day. I kept a lot of notebooks on the way I wanted things to look in the house, and I was able to show David those. David was able to execute exactly what we wanted.

[Design-build] is a faster process, not having someone else involved in it. There are a lot of times where you come to a decision to be made, and if you have a [separate] architect, it could take weeks. We don't lose any time.”

Liz and Kevin

"Thanks for all your hard work and for caring so much about our project."

Ann and Neil

"Thank you for a job well done. The family room looks great."

Paula Wolfe

"The most important thing to say about David Morgan is that he is a master craftsman who takes great pride in his work. I am extremely pleased with my beautiful staircase. It came out just as I had hoped it would."

Virginia Hibbard, Weston, MA

“When things come up that you don’t anticipate, the design-builder has that intimate knowledge of the project. [He] is accountable for the entire problem from start to finish… You have less anxiety dealing with one person.”

Tom Nicholson, Weston, MA

"With design-build, you not only get someone who is an architect, but a person who is interested in understanding what the owner is looking for."